Axial Fans & Motors


DC Brushless Fan is an essential component for almost every electronic applications operating on direct current. It performs the most important and crucial task of cooling and ventilation of an apparatus enabling enhanced efficiency and longer life. This cooling fan is made up of a DC brushless motor and is available with sleeve and ball bearing and in different sizes. DC brushless fans are mainly used in panel instruments, power supplies, overhead projector, currency counting machines, computer systems & peripherals, telecommunication equipments.


These are also referred to as compact fans, equipment fans and electronic cooling fans. Small general purpose fans in industry standard frame housings. Available for standard AC supplies and special low ‘safety’ voltages; normally dual 50/60Hz frequencies. These compact AC axial flow fans are available in mounting bases ranging from 80 mm to 220 mm. These fans are equipped with excellent safety features, meeting UL, CSA, CE and EN/IEC standards making them most suitable for applications such as Control Panels, Strapping machine, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Vending Machine, Currency Counting Machines, Welding Machine etc.


These motors are the most compact in design to accommodate largest horsepower. Available in four pole, single phase design we provide a range of motors from 5 watts to 34 watts. These motors with their sturdy structure and with self lubricating sintered bushing providing motor lubrication for life these motors are a guarantee for quality reliability. Applications: Deep freezers, Chest coolers, Visi Coolers, Condenser cooling applications, Freezers, Display Units etc.


Motor Accessories includes Aluminium fan blades having diameter 154mm, 172mm, 200, 254mm, 300mm and offers either reverse or throw air flow as required used for shaded pole motors Q frame type. Plastic Fan blades having diameter 90mm,100mm and 150mm offers throw air flow used with Shaded Pole Motors C frame type. Metal brackets for Q motors with 72mm, 84mm, 110mm height and for C motor 95mm height. Basket Grills with 51mm,93mm and Flat Grill for Q motor. Fan Accessories includes Finger Guards – Metal and Plastic. They are avaliable as per the sizes of the fans.